What is the filtration of water?
Luty 14, 2019
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What is soft water?

Water softening process reduces the content of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. The presence of these minerals in drinking water has no negative effect on human health. Unfortunately, for home appliances even a relatively small amount of these minerals is of great importance. If there’s a lot of magnesium and calcium in water, i.e.the harder the water in the house is, the more dirt and lime sediment appears, the drier the skin and hair become. Also, home appliances which have contact with water are more exposed to destruction. Soft water makes the bath more enjoyable. Using hard water leaves the skin itchy and dry. This is because the soap, shampoo or hair conditioner, interact with the minerals left in the water that makes suds. In these conditions, they are less effective and have a negative effect on the protective barrier of the skin. Washing hair with hard water makes your hair dull and stiff. The same applies to dishwashing and washing, making the dishes dull and covered with stains, and clothes rough and faded.

What is the filtration of water?

Many water treatment plants subject the water to chlorine to control contamination and meet basic drinking water quality standards. Water flowing through the water supply network to our homes may additionally be subject to mechanical contamination, caused for example by the old installation and pipes. That’s why it is worth using water filtering devices at home. They remove chlorine and its derivatives, heavy metals, mechanical impurities like sand or rust, leaving water clean and healthy. In addition, filtering reduces the level of water hardness, so no additional softener is needed.

Is it worth filtering soft water?

Filtering and softening water are other processes that improve the quality of life by removing elements harmful to human health from the water and the condition of the equipment at home. Both filtration and softening are processes that water is subjected to and that change its composition. In tap water, regardless of the degree of its hardness, there may be contaminants, so even if the water delivered to your home is soft, it is worth cleaning, making it healthy and suitable for direct consumption.