Water filtration is filtration of water necessary
Water filtration: is filtration of water necessary?
Luty 24, 2019
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Home methods for filtering water

Filtering tap water at home has become very popular. Although the quality of water is improving, chlorine is still used in treatment stations, thanks to its excellent bactericidal properties, which may, however, have negative impact on the taste and smell of water. There may also be mechanical impurities in the water, eg from an old water supply system (like rust or sand), or mechanical (pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals, that can be harmful in serious amounts). To remove such impurities, including chlorine and its derivatives, and to reduce the hardness of water, there are several solutions to choose from.

  1. Filtering jug. Universal, easy to use and cheap to buy. Jugs are available in various capacities (from 2 to 4 liters), have different designs, are made entirely of plastic or its combination with glass. A filter cartridge with activated carbon is placed in the jug, should be replaced every 4 weeks. Filters ensure thorough cleaning of all impurities and soften the water, so that no lime residue appears in the drinks and on the dishes.
  2. Filtering bottle. They have appeared on the market relatively recently and are ideal for people who care about proper hydration throughout the day, as they allow access to healthy, clean water wherever there is tap water. They are available in three capacities: 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7 liters, they are light, ergonomic, and thanks to convenient closing they can be easily transported to work, to the gym or during trips.

3. Water flow-through filters. Dafi offers 4 types of flow-through filters: activated carbon filter, ion exchange resin filter, nitrate elimination filter and polypropylene filter. Water flow-through filters are functional, simple and have robust construction. One of the most important features is the high efficiency of water filtration (up to 15 liters per minute). They are fast and easy to set up and can be installed on the supply pipe. Depending on the water quality and type of the filter, they can filter even 700 liters of water (from 1 up to 3 months lifetime).