How to filter water 3 ways
How to filter water? 3 ways
Luty 21, 2019
Home methods for filtering water
Home methods for filtering water
Luty 26, 2019
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Water filtration is filtration of water necessary

Although the quality of tap water has improved significantly, consuming water straight from the tap, without cooking, can carry a health risk. Despite the fact that the water is treated in treatment stations and meets the requirements of drinking water, chlorine known for its bactericidal properties, among others, is used for such treatment. This may leave a chlorine smell and aftertaste in the water. In addition, old plumbing installations can contaminate water with rust, sand or other sediments when the purified water flows into our homes. Organic impurities may also appear in the water, for example pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals.

To make sure that the water we drink is healthy and clean, it is necessary to purify it at home, before consumption or further use for cooking etc. Domestic filter systems are used for this purpose: flow-through filters, jugs and bottles with a filtering carbon refill. The filters remove impurities from the water, while leaving naturally occurring minerals beneficial to human health, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, thus preventing deficiencies of these important components.

An additional advantage resulting from the use of water filters at home is the softening of water. Hard water can cause many discomforts, e.g. skin irritation and dryness, it may also cause damage to home appliances, like coffee makers, irons, kettles as it leaves lime residue.

As we are trying to live healthy and eco lives, using filtering bottles and jugs at home can also reduce the household expenses, due to the fact that a litre of filtered water is even 10 times cheaper than bottled water. We can consume the most easily available water from the tap, without any worries about its quality or pollution.

It is also worth to start using tap water filters for ecological reasons. Being eco is not only a trend, but it became a conscious choice for millions of people. With filtering water at home, we save the natural environment. Filters are recyclable and using jugs and filtering bottles we can reduce waste production by up to 26kg of plastic per year.