Do you filter out soft water?
Luty 11, 2019
How to filter water 3 ways
How to filter water? 3 ways
Luty 21, 2019
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Water filtration at home has become extremely popular in recent years. The first filtering jugs appeared in homes nearly 50 years ago. Thanks to the wide offer and easy accessibility, jugs and filtering bottles can be found in many homes, and their special popularity is associated with the trend of leading a healthy life and being fit.

Filtering is the process of cleaning water from any contaminants. It is most convenient to use it with jugs and bottles with a filter cartridge at home. The cartridge contains activated carbon and ion exchange resin, which remove from the water both mechanical  (such as sand, rust or sediments) as well as chemical impurities(chlorine and its derivatives used in treatment stations, heavy metals, pesticides). The effect of water softening, i.e. removing excess calcium and magnesium salts, causing scale deposition and water turbidity is an additional effect of using filtering devices.

How does the filtering process work?

Filtering involves transferring tap water through a filter cartridge. Water is poured into the jug in which the properly prepared, i.e. vented and rinsed filter has been placed. The water flows through the filter into the larger tank, where it remains until we use it. To be sure of its cleanliness and freshness, it is best to consume or use filtered water within 48 hours from pouring into a jug. It should also be remembered not to expose the water in the jug directly to the sun’s rays and regularly replace the filter in a jug (every 4 weeks).

Filtration does not remove micronutrients and elements beneficial to the human body, such as sodium or potassium (important for the proper functioning of the heart and the circulatory system), and the use of the Dafi MineralUp filter enriches water with valuable magnesium ions. Using a filtering pot can thus prevent their deficiency and has a beneficial effect on the whole body.